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Education Acceleration provides education articles that will help you achieve your goals.

This site is designed to assist those who want to achieve a BA or BS degree in the most effective manner. I am not talking about questionable certificates from fly-by-night degree mills; but how to achieve a degree from an accredited college that will help you advance in your career. I will show how I obtained my Associate’s degree, various computer certifications, then later my Bachelor’s degree through a combination of self-study, traditional courses, military schools and credit by examination tests.

This site is also a valuable resource for those who wish to get a more current degree. A college degree is like money in the bank. Unfortunately, that bank pays no interest. A college degree earned in 1975 is not as valuable today as a degree earned in 2011. This “Education Inflation” is a sad fact of modern life. The continuous pursuit of new degrees shows the importance of education and the necessity of continuing learning throughout life.

To continue the banking metaphor, think of your education as an investment. You want to invest the smallest amount of time and money to get the best education. The importance of education is not what you put into it; it is what you get out of it.

If you have been waiting for the right moment or the right motivation to start or continue to your degree goals, this is the place to start. I hope to provide insight, goal setting advice and motivation to help you.

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