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  “Your survival guide in picking the latest back to school gadgets”


Going to college is like a transition from being a child to being an adult. I am so excited that I even created a checklist to make sure that I do not miss out on anything. I am looking forward to the independence that “college” life provides – party, girls, and everything in between (Oh! And school, of course). Kidding aside, although going to college means you now can do most of the things that you couldn’t do while you were still inside your parents’ fence; always keep in mind that you have to do good in your studies if you wish to land a good paying job in the career field that you want. To prepare for college, I did some online work to save up money to buy the stuff that I will need.

Here is my top back-to-school must have list. I already have some of them, and am still saving for the others. 

Back to school gadgets #1 The Newest iPad2 64GB with 3G

This baby is probably one of the hottest school gadgets there is today; in fact, even my mom bought one for herself. It’s lightweight which means you can bring it with you anywhere without worrying about bulky bags. You can do just about anything on your ipad2… surf, email, chat, play, just about anything that a normal computer does.

Back to school gadgets #2 Apple MacBook

Although the iPad2 is really one of those powerful school gadgets, I would always want to have a real laptop at hand. My MacBook will be my key tool for making reports, doing homework, and other school stuff. I especially prefer a Mac over other laptops because of its exquisite graphics. I’m planning to take a course that has something to do with graphic design, and a MacBook is the perfect thing for that.

Back to school gadgets #3 iPhone 3G 8GB

I’ll be away from home, thus I need a reliable mobile phone that will keep me and my family connected. With my iPhone 8GB, I could take snapshots of the latest happenings on campus and instantly send it to my friends and family back home. The iPhone also allows you to instantly share your photos on Facebook and other social networks. Every student knows that a mobile phone is a must have to stay connected and updated on your campus life.

Back to school gadgets #4 iPod touch 64GB

By now, you can probably tell that I am a big fan of Apple. Don’t get me wrong, I am not connected with them in any way.  I simply just love their products because they are stylish and functional at the same time; that includes the 64GB iPod touch. It’s simply perfect for those boring days. I am a big fan of music and with its 64GB memory; I could store all of my favorite songs. Talking about keeping yourself up to the beat!

Back to school gadgets #5 Kindle Reading Device

I may sound all hyped up but I also do enjoy a bit of quiet time by myself. Usually, I grab a good book to end my day. However, since I don’t have much space to store my books, I bought a Kindle Reading Device. Reading school gadgets such as the Kindle, has enough memory to allow you to save all your favorite books. You can even purchase online e-books at a much lower cost.

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  • Jana

    I do agree that having all those gadgets at hand does make your school life easer (not to mention, cooler!).. however, they do cost a lot. You need to save up to complete all those stuff. Personally though, I’d like to have all of those at hand before the opening of classes in June and I think the prices you have there is a really good deal. I’ll try to save up to complete that collection. Thanks for the info bro!

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