Free Study Resource for SAT Test Takers

While searching for more free resources for SAT test takers, I came across a site that has tons of useful information.

The site is called The Khan Academy. They currently have over 3200 videos that cover subjects such as math, science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Of particular interest to college bound students is a section on SAT Math Preparation. This section is devoted to going over the SAT Exam’s math section. All of the problems covered by the lecture are taken from the College Board “Official SAT Study Guide”.  You should definitely have this edition, both to follow along with the lecture and to use to take the practice tests.

Two big advantages of this resource (besides the low cost) is that the lecturer gives clear spoken explanations as he works through each math problem, and the lecturer often refers to other sections of Khan Academy that will help you review some basics if you need extra guidance.

The drawback is that the lectures don’t have fancy graphics or production values. Just clear explanations of each of the math problems covered in the College Board text.

Other sections of The Khan Academy cover many subjects of interest to the college bound. However, the SAT Math section is the area best organized and you should concentrate your energy there.

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