How To Get To The Top Of The Class (For Dummies)

You’re sitting at the back of the class. You see your classmates always raising their hands wanting to impress your professors. You see some of your classmates ace tests and examinations without any evidence of stress on their faces. You secretly look at your classmates and ask yourself, “What is it that they have, that I don’t have?” You know that just like them, you have the same books, class schedules and teachers, but you end up getting a less satisfying result.

Then you suddenly get an insight to what they have. Maybe they have super powers like Superman, or a brain like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, but the reality is, they don’t have. Not everything that you read in paperbacks is true. Most of them are just fictions. But hey, don’t be upset! You can still get to the top of the class without those magic spells or super powers. Here are some sure ball tips.

1. Manage your time well. Haven’t you asked yourself even once why your classmates still have time to go shopping at the mall, or work at an after school job, and still get the highest grades? You can do that too with proper time management. Speaking of time, you need to have a reliable and dependable watch. When I was in college, my watch was one of the most important gadgets that I had. If I didn’t have it, I surely wouldn’t have done well in class. Professors don’t like students who are late! You should remember that!

2. Organize your schedule. In my bag, I always carry with me, my organizer. It is where I write my daily schedules and sometimes the other important things too, like phone numbers and passwords. Of course, I make sure that the organizer is for me and myself only!

3. Buy attractive school supplies. I don’t say that those generic school supplies are already out of the shopping list, but wouldn’t it be nice to have colorful pens and papers to make your studying more fun and interesting? I always loved looking at my study guides. It helped me a lot because it made it easier for me to remember especially since I often organize the topics by color.

4. Have a reliable laptop. Speaking of laptops and schools, have you seen the movie Legally Blonde starring Reese Witherspoon? She was a law student who really worked hard to be at the top of her class just so her boyfriend would want her back. I cannot forget the scene when all of her classmates had laptops, and she was the only one in the classroom who didn’t have one, but instead had a pocket-size, fluffy-covered, pink notepad. Don’t do that to yourself. Laptops are important. You can store all your files, school-related or not, in this book-sized gadget. If your dorm has a WiFi connection, then lucky you, you don’t have to go to internet cafes to do your research.

5. Don’t go with the trend of not bringing a bag to school. There are so many trendy but useful bags today. Buy a bag that is comfortable for you to carry around and that can contain your laptop, notes, books and your entire house. Nah, just kidding! Look for a bag that can contain the things that are important for you to bring to school. There are bags that have lots of pockets where you can safely store your pens and other things.

Shoot me if I’m wrong, but having these things will surely help you improve your grades this year. Of course, these things do not come with a guarantee upon buying that you are going to pass the examinations, these are just gadgets to help you lessen the stress of studying and going to school. Do you want to have higher grades right? Why wait? Start now.

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